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Gensco® Pharma is a specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on research, development and marketing of transdermal prescription products. As an innovator of pharmaceutical products, Gensco® Pharma currently manufactures non-narcotic transdermal analgesic gels utilizing our patented drug delivery solutions. Gensco® Pharma’s airless, closed-system, metered dose technology, MDose™, dispenses the exact amount of medication per application, yielding maximized results and minimized side effects. As a healthcare partner, Gensco® is in continual pursuit of novel and effective therapies designed to improve health.

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Gensco® Pharma is committed to Better Science for Health.

Our resources are focused on innovative research, the development of superior quality medications and unique delivery systems. We are an evidence-based solutions company that is progressively developing products utilizing new technologies that deliver outcomes to reduce the effects caused by disease or pathology.


Gensco® works with nationally recognized suppliers. We are a rapidly growing branded pharmaceutical manufacturer that extends resources including education and training along with customized marketing programs to help grow our distributor partner business. Internally, Gensco® team members provide an array of support services to enable the supply chain seamless delivery and to ensure desired market penetration for our partners.


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