Astero Product

Astero® is the only FDA-cleared prescription hydrogel and 4% Lidocaine HCl for pain associated with wound healing and vasculitis. Available by prescription only, Astero® provides superior wound healing and has a rapid onset of action in 3-5 minutes. Clinicians, treating patients with wounds, concerned with wound pain management should consider Astero® as the first choice in wound therapy.

Astero® Indications for Use:

Indicated for the relief of painful wounds and wound healing such as:

  • Closed wound/non-penetrating
    • Soft tissue injuries and bony contusions secondary to contusions, hematomas, crush injuries, and sprains/strains due to torsion, traction, compression and tearing
    • Trauma
    • Acute and chronic wounds of various etiologies
    • Associated topical pain
      • Post-surgical incisions
  • Open wound for pain and healing
    • Acute and chronic ulcerations
    • Chronic mixed vascular etiologies
    • Diabetic ulcers
    • Arterial and venous stasis ulcers
    • Decubitus ulcers
    • Pressure wounds
  • Vasculitis
  • First and second degree burns
  • Severe to mild cuts and abrasions, lacerations and puncture wounds

The Only Prescription Hydrogel and 4% Lidocaine HCl for Pain Associated with Wound Healing and Vasculitis

Astero® is a FDA-cleared hydrogel plus topical anesthetic (Lidocaine HCl 4%) indicated for painful wounds such as ulcerations, pressure wounds, first and second degree burns, post-surgical incisions, cuts and abrasions.

Accurate Dosing

Astero® 30mL (120 Doses)

Apply to the affected area as directed. Maximum 12 pumps per day.

Metered Dose Technology (MDose™) dispenses the exact amount of medication. 1 pump = 1 dose (0.25 mL/pump).

Fast Acting

Astero® provides fast pain relief with an onset of action within 3-5 minutes. Each pump is a measured dose for simple adherence.

  • Launched in May 2016
  • Available by prescription only
  • Astero® is available in 30 mL bottles
  • NDC 35781-2500-3

All Gensco® products, including Astero®, are distributed to pharmacy chains such as Walgreens®, CVS®, Walmart®, RiteAid®, Kroger® and Publix® through the major wholesalers such as McKesson, Cardinal and AmerisourceBergen. Astero® is contracted with DAPA (Contract #SP0200-15-H-0003), Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) (Contract #V797D-70219), making it accessible to all military personnel and is also available to all MEDICARE patients (Medicare Contract #P1466). Astero® is available through these Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs): Intalere, Innovatix, MedAssets, Premier, MHA, ROi and Vizient.

Astero® 30mL Bottles (120 Doses) | NDC 35781-2500-3



Published in Podiatry Management, November 2016
A Review and Case Study of Astero (Lidocaine HCl 4%): A New Prescription Hydrogel for Painful Wounds
by Marc Alan Brenner, DPM | The Institute for Diabetic Foot Research

Wound pain has numerous, often interlinked, causes that may relate to the initial injury, the inflammatory response or infection.  more…



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