MIAMI, FL (26 Sep, 2023) – MIAMI, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Gensco® Pharma, a specialty pharmaceutical company, in partnership with IntelGenx is announcing the anticipated launch of RizaFilm® for Q1-2024. RizaFilm® is based on IntelGenx’s proprietary VersaFilm® technology and is patent protected until 2034. As the NDA holder, Gensco® will begin commercialization of the 10mg Film and will continue to fund the expanded indications for the 5mg Pediatric dose.

Image of RizaFilm BoxRizaFilm® is a film formulation of rizatriptan and the only oral dissolvable film available for the treatment of acute migraines. RizaFilm® has ease of convenience and does not require a drink for swallowing, thus allowing for rapid administration and relief from migraine related pain and nausea.

The switch to RizaFilm® is seamless, as it is prescribed the same way as current rizatriptan, but in a Film form. A patient survey indicated that 69% of respondents said they would discuss switching their current migraine therapy to RizaFilm® with their doctor. Patients are encouraged to discuss the benefits of switching to RizaFilm® with their healthcare provider.

“We believe this exciting partnership with Gensco® offers a tremendous opportunity to commercialize RizaFilm® in the world’s largest migraine market,” said Dwight Gorham, CEO of IntelGenx. “We are pleased to work with Gensco® and its innovative team with proven track records of launching and commercializing important therapies using unique drug delivery systems.”

In a statement about the partnership, Paul Zimmerman, MD, CEO of Gensco® Pharma, remarked, “The Gensco® Pharma team is eager to launch RizaFilm® as a new therapeutic option for the benefit of patients suffering from migraines and associated symptoms. This strategic move not only enhances our commitment to delivering advanced healthcare solutions but also underscores our dedication to building value for both companies.”

1 VersaFilm® is a Registered Trademark of IntelGenx Corp.

About RizaFilm:

RizaFilm® is a proprietary oral thin film formulation of rizatriptan benzoate. RizaFilm® oral soluble film does not require a drink for swallowing and has ease of use which facilitates rapid administration and relief from migraine symptoms. RizaFilm®’s active ingredient has been clinically proven to be effective for migraine associated nausea, photophobia and phonophobia. The global migraine drugs market was valued at nearly $3 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach nearly $11 billion by 2030, representing a compound annual growth rate of 15.6%. According to the American Migraine Foundation, 39 million or 12% of Americans suffer from migraine, which is the second leading cause of disability nationwide.

About Gensco® Pharma:

Gensco® is a specialty pharmaceutical company specializing in development and commercialization of prescription and OTC products. Gensco®’s capabilities allow for the successful launch of products into significant niche markets. Resources are focused on innovative research and development of medications with improved delivery systems for better patient outcomes. More information about Gensco can be found at

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