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The MDose™ system answered an innovative need to precise dosing practices. As we evaluated new drugs for topical administration, it became obvious that the traditional containers used for creams, ointments, and gels do not allow for precise dosing. The need for a better medication delivery system led to the development of MDose™. This proprietary container provides an exact and consistent dose of medication with every pump. Unlike traditional tubes, jars, and other open containers, the MDose canister is a closed system. This is important because air, germs, mold, viruses, and dirt are prevented from contact with the medication while it is in the container.

In a recent study, subjects utilizing the MDose™ Technology system demonstrated substantially more accurate dosing over the treatment period than with the standard tube device. The median gel usage by subjects using the MDose™ system was within 7% of the target dose whereas the median gel usage by subjects using the standard tube system was 158% of the target dose – a 58% excess usage. The majority of subjects preferred the MDose™ system over the standard tube by a margin of 2:1 for its ease of use, accuracy, and convenience. Click here for the full Clinical Review

Why would you accept anything less than exact dosing of an uncontaminated topical medication? The innovative MDose™ drug delivery system is offered only by Gensco® Pharma.


Gensco® Pharma has developed and patented a unique transdermal drug delivery system in a gel format which transports active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) across the skin barrier to the specific area of need. This patented gel is generally more effective than traditional topical creams and offers significant benefits over many orally administered, systemic medications. Due to the localized delivery of medication by the transdermal route, patients typically experience less toxicity and side effects than the same medication given orally or by injection. Given the benefits and advantages of Isopeutic® Technology, many new pharmaceutical products currently in development by Gensco® Pharma will be utilizing this patented delivery system.

For more information on transdermal drug delivery and how it differs from topical medication, please click here.


Innovation is more than a concept at Gensco® Pharma. Discovering new methods that have a wide-spread effect on health is at the core of Gensco® Pharma’s corporate philosophy. The Gensco® Team, from the bench chemist to the CEO, is driven to develop a better product, determine a new way and to advance the state of the art. We pride ourselves on looking at common problems and finding creative solutions. Whether its new uses of existing medications, better medication delivery methods, or stepping outside the box of traditional thought to find effective treatments, we find solutions that meet new requirements.

Gensco® Pharma: Cutting edge technology, innovative healthcare professionals, and a progressive vision creating boundless opportunities.


Comparison of Standard Tube vs. Metered Dose Technology (MDose) on Dosage Accuracy, Waste, and Patient Preference. Click here


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Gensco® works with nationally recognized suppliers. We are a rapidly growing branded pharmaceutical manufacturer that extends resources including education and training along with customized marketing programs to help grow our distributor partner business. Internally, Gensco® team members provide an array of support services to enable the supply chain seamless delivery and to ensure desired market penetration for our partners.


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