Gensco® Pharma’s abilities provide boundless possibilities for improving health utilizing our unique preparations, innovative dosing methods, and proprietary drug delivery technologies.

Transdermal Technology Gensco® Pharma has developed and patented a unique transdermal drug delivery system... read more

MDose® Gensco® Pharma’s patented topical metered dose applicator dispenses an exact and consistent dose of medication with every pump... read more


LidoDose® The Single Dose™ Topical Anesthetic & Antiseptic for Preprocedural Use... read more

ColciGel® Prepare for the flare with the first transdermal treatment for gout flares... read more

Astero® The first FDA-approved prescription combination drug-device hydrogel containing Lidocaine 4% HCl for associated pain, wound healing and vasculitis.... read more

LiDORx® Delivers fast controlled pain relief at the site... read more

SpeedGel Rx® Non-NSAID alternative for pain, inflammation and bruising. Targeting the source of pain... faster... read more


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Gensco® Pharma Announces RizaFilm® Commercialization Update in the United States September 26, 2023 Featured, Industry, Press Release, Product Update - Gensco® Pharma, a specialty pharmaceutical company, in partnership with IntelGenx is announcing the anticipated launch of RizaFilm® for Q1-2024. RizaFilm®… more...

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A single dose topical colchinium for acute gout flares.

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