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Is Gensco® Pharma similar to other drug companies?

Gensco® Pharma is a US-based FDA registered and regulated pharmaceutical manufacturer adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices. We like to think of ourselves as a more progressive company, focusing on people’s health and developing better medications to meet their needs.

What are Homeopathic drugs?

Homeopathic drugs are physiologically active substances that are derived from natural sources. The term Homeopathy refers to an alternative medical theory first described over 200 years ago that uses many naturally found substances to treat a common ailment. Many of the same medications that are used in Homeopathy are also employed by traditional mainstream healthcare. In fact, many familiar medications used by millions of people over the last 100 years could be considered homeopathic because of their origins. To us at Gensco® Pharma, we are more focused on the effectiveness and safety of a drug rather than the classification it falls under. [+] Read more

What is the difference between a topical and transdermal?

While both are applied to the skin surface, topical medications stay there exerting their effects within the top layers of the skin. Transdermal formulations allow for certain medications to penetrate deep into the tissues. Some specialty transdermal systems even allow drugs to be absorbed by the bloodstream and exert systemic (whole body) effects. The transdermal vehicles (gels and creams) employed to transport drugs through the skin layers and to the deeper tissues are very complex chemical compounds developed specially for a specific use. Gensco® Pharma has developed and patented Transdermal Technology, a state-of-the-art transdermal delivery system used in many of our products. For more in-depth information on transdermal versus topical, click here.

Will your topical medications have a hot or cold sensation?

No. Though many over the counter products and even some prescription topical pain relief medications employ counter-irritants, Gensco® Pharma products do not. These counter-irritants, such as Capsaicin, Menthol, Methyl Salycilate, Camphor, Mint oil and Peppermint oil, create a minor inflammation and irritation at the site of application resulting in a warming or cooling sensation on the skin but little else. In fact a recent FDA warning implicated many of these counter-irritants in causing serious skin damage including 3rd degree burns. At Gensco® Pharma, patient safety is paramount, which is why we do not use these types of chemicals in our medications. [+] Read More…

Will your topical medications interfere with the other medications I’m taking?

Generally, no. Our transdermal medications are designed to cross the skin barrier and exert their pain reliving and anti-inflammatory effects at the site of injury within the muscles and associated tissues but not enter the blood stream to any significant level, if used as directed. Since only a small amount of the medication may enter the blood stream under normal conditions, our products have demonstrated to have negligible systemic (whole body) absorption and no known interactions with other medications you may be taking.

Please review the product insert or speak with your prescribing doctor for additional information on any potential drug interactions.

Where can I get these products?

ColciGel®, Astero®, LiDORx® and SpeedGel Rx® are available by prescription only. If you feel you would benefit from topical pain relief, ask your physician for these medications by name. Your doctor may even be able to dispense these medications to you in their office. All of our products are stocked by most reputable pharmacies but remember, because of the unique and patented formulations of these medications, there is no substitute. Ask for these products by name!

What should I do if I have a reaction after using the medication?

Speak with your prescribing doctor if you experience any reaction after using the medication.

For minor adverse reactions, such as skin irritation, redness, or blisters, seek medical attention or call the Poison Help line at 1-800-222-1222. If you experience shortness of breath, chest pains, swelling of the tongue, or any other serious effects, seek emergency care immediately.


Gensco® Pharma is committed to Better Science for Health.

Our resources are focused on innovative research, the development of superior quality medications and unique delivery systems. We are an evidence-based solutions company that is progressively developing products utilizing new technologies that deliver outcomes to reduce the effects caused by disease or pathology.


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