Gensco® Pharma Announces RizaFilm® Commercialization Update in the United States

Gensco® Pharma, a specialty pharmaceutical company, in partnership with IntelGenx is announcing the anticipated launch of RizaFilm® for Q1-2024. RizaFilm® is based on IntelGenx’s proprietary VersaFilm® technology and is patent protected until 2034. As the NDA holder, Gensco® will begin commercialization of the 10mg Film and will continue to fund the expanded indications for the 5mg Pediatric dose.

RizaFilm® is a film formulation of rizatriptan and the only oral dissolvable film available for the treatment of acute migraines. RizaFilm® has ease of convenience and does not require a drink for swallowing, thus allowing for rapid administration and relief from migraine related pain and nausea.