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Gensco Pro•Bio
Biodegradable Gloves


Billions of single-use gloves are tossed into landfills annually where they take over 100 years to decompose. Gensco Pro•Bio Nitrile Professional-Grade Biodegradable Gloves are specially designed to decompose in landfills within 2 years. Pro•Bio technology only allows the glove to start the biodegradation process when disposed of in an active landfill environment assuring the high-quality protection and durability required for medical or industrial use.

Gensco Pro•Bio Nitrile Professional-Grade Biodegradable Gloves are suitable for medical, food processing, public utilities, mechanical, janitorial, automotive, and agriculture uses.

For more information about Pro•Bio gloves, click here.



OTC Tests


COVID-19 Antigen Self-Tests

Available in 1- and 25-test kits

FlowFlex-Single Flowflex Box of 25 Test Kits
FlowFlex Sellsheet


Gensco Diagnostics is a vertically integrated global organization, that operates a full-service platform for our customers. We focus on meeting our customers’ near-term demand while planning their future needs on all PPE, medical consumables, COVID-19 Rapid Antigen tests as well as Molecular tests & laboratory services.

Our END-TO-END SERVICES and factory-direct relationships facilitate each transaction to be 100% transparent, making the entire purchase experience simple, safe, secure and easy.